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Here is how we can help your company or organization in the current business climate:
With market entry
  Engage our market knowledge to identify trade and investment opportunities and the prospects for your product, service, or investment.
  Use our experience to help you identify agents or partners to assist in the sale or manufacture of your product, the delivery of your service, and/or the financing of your activities.
  Use our contacts to understand the regulatory environment and get through required procedures.
With market expansion
  Enlist our company, industry association and provincial and local government contacts to explore second tier market locations for expanded trade and investment opportunities.
  Strategize with us on ways to increase market visibility.
With problem-solving
  Work with us and our extensive network of industry and government contacts to understand regulatory procedures, anticipate and deal with changes, and resolve business issues.  
There are currently 3.5 million companies doing business in China; we target mid-to large Chinese companies, especially in "second tier" areas, which are interested in doing business with a non-Chinese company, and bring the two together. We are able to use our extensive network and contacts within the Provincial and Central Governments, as well as within the private sector, to determine what cities and industries are prime targets for foreign investment. Once that is established, we help find the capital to make the investment proposal a reality. In addition, we also assist foreign companies already established in China that need help in order to grow or compete within the Chinese marketplace.