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Over the past 15 years MKBC (and in its previous incarnation as the China Practice of the Baker Donelson law firm) has advised and assisted firms in a broad range of industries:
We helped to design and implement a strategy for an international, large-format, film production company that had no access to the China market. The client now has 500 theaters in China.
We played a strategic role in the first major sale of a client’s security equipment to the China market, and we are currently working with this client and others on similar projects in this industry.
Several chemical company clients have, with our assistance, established manufacturing operations and maintained raw material supplies in the face of challenging regulatory and trade policy changes.
We have helped several telecom industry clients establish a strong market presence in China, which has allowed them to generate increased sales in value-added equipment and service.
We have performed due diligence investigations for, and introduced project business to, a number of global financial institutions.
We helped to design a strategy for a major insurance company that allowed it to obtain a coveted license in China.
We helped a major Western agricultural company forge critical relationships with Chinese entities that significantly increased the company’s market share in China.
We have introduced a number of clients to real estate development opportunities, both in China and the US, and have aided these clients in finding support funding for their desired projects.